Hm. Easy recipe; first you take the sauce and you put it on the dough.

Chicken Pizza with Bean Sauce

That is how the recipe for Poutine Pizza was described to me and that is how I’ll describe this. I think this recipe is ridiculous – I love it, actually…

First, dice and soften an onion in a high heat pan with some butter, take some leftover rotisserie chicken, fry it in a dab more butter for 3 – 5 minutes, throw in a tomato and some garlic, 5 more minutes, the add a can for baked beans. Reduce to a “sauce”… :/

Blind bake your olive oil brushed pizza dough as this pie is a bit of a weight-er.

Spread the sauce, add the cheese, some dried oregano, and done.

The chewy crust and meaty chicken blend perfectly
with the chewy cheese and meaty beans!