Smoked meat poutine

We are no strangers to poutine here. Living in Montreal requires one to not only crave poutine, but to fufill such cravings on a somewhat regular basis. I lost track on how many poutines I ate over the course of the summer, but between the ones at Decarie Hot Dog and Mont-Royal Hot Dog alone, it was a fairly high number. I’ll focus on just one for today though…the smoked meat poutine at the Main Deli Steakhouse on St-Laurent (also known simply as The Main, or, the inferior smoked meat place across the street from Schwartz’s.)

While watching Foodnetwork’s You Gotta Eat Here, we saw that The Main offered up a smoked meat poutine that was supposed to be amazing, so during one of St-Laurent’s street fairs, we decided to take the quick 5-minute walk from our house to give it a try. We also split a veal sandwich, just because it sounded interesting.

The poutine, unfortunately, was not something I would return for, nor do I think it earns a spot on a television show. It was good, just not great, like one would imagine a smoked meat poutine to be.

Smoked meat poutine

The good parts included a pretty nice sauce, brown, salty and thick, and a lot of it. I love a lot of sauce on poutine. The fries were excellent too – thick enough to carry all that sauce and not turn to mush.

The not so great – the cheese curds were high-quality, but unfortunately, there weren’t very many of them. And the smoked meat wasn’t at all fatty enough, it was like strips of lean smoked meat. I guess given poutine is already a massive pile of fat and calories, a little lean meat would be okay….but if I’m going to eat a smoked meat poutine, I really want the smoked meat to be an important, not forgettable, part of it.

Veal sandwich

As for the veal sandwich, I really enjoyed it! The meat was very, very thinly sliced, with a somewhat fatty texture and a little bit of a gamey taste. A really fun and interesting sandwich.

I like The Main’s rib eye steak platter, and that’s something I would go back for. But I would probably skip another smoked meat poutine (or maybe, I’ll order a poutine, sneak some Schwartz’s smoked meat over there, and put some on it when no one’s looking).

Main Deli Steak House
3864, Boul. Saint-Laurent
Montreal, QC

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