Wagyu tartare and Snow Crab Salad

One hot Friday this summer, Soli and I biked down to Old Montreal to finally give Club Chasse et Peche a try. We had been wanting to try it for a long, long time, and a summer lunch is the perfect opportunity. During the summer, there is seating outside, overlooking the Château Ramezay gardens. It’s got a gorgeous atmosphere and stunning food and impeccable service – I can’t think of a meal I’ve had that I enjoyed more than this one.

We started with a delightful glass of bubbly. I can’t remember what was called now – however, it’s not something that’s available to us at the SAQ, as it is a private import for the restaurant only. We did love this, and savoured every last drop. At the end of the meal, our waiter was kind enough to pour us another glass of it, probably because we spent the whole meal raving about how much we loved it.


We each ordered a different appetizer and main, and when possible, the kitchen split the plates in half for us. Such was not possible with our snow crab salad with tobiko, apple and avocado on a buttery, flaky cracker. I loved this appetizer, especially with the shreds of apple offering tartness to the creamy and sweet crab, and the rich, buttery base. We also shared the wagyu tartare, which was definitely milder in taste. The mushrooms and egg was the perfect topping for it.

Snow Crab Salad with tobiko, apple and avacado

Wagyu tartare

For our mains, we shared the duck confit risotto with foie gras shavings and the grilled octopus with lima beans, tomatoes and mint. Both were incredible! The duck confit risotto was so rich and decadent, I couldn’t imagine having a whole plate of it to myself. The foie gras shavings melted slowly over the whole thing, changing the dish into something new and exciting every time we took a bite. This was one of the most perfect dishes I have ever had the pleasure of eating. The grilled octopus was excellent as the counterpoint – lighter and brighter, it was nice enjoying the perfectly charred octopus in between bites of the heavier risotto.

Duck Confit Risotto with foie gras slivers

Grilled octopus with lima beans

We skipped dessert and instead took a walk through Old Montreal, a place we rarely visit, despite living about a 15-minute walk away from. I’m looking forward to trying this place in the middle of winter too, in what I hear is possibly the coziest restaurant in the city. I know for sure it’s one of the most delicious!

Le Club Chasse et Peche
423, rue St-Claude
Montreal, Quebec

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